Submission guidelines

Coding for Humanists welcomes proposals from potential authors who are interested in contributing to the series. We are open to proposals on tools and analytical techniques applicable to digital or digitized humanistic data.

We ask that proposals contain the following information, preferably sent as a single PDF to

  • A 1-2 page description of the book, including information about the specific audience; what discipline(s) will this topic particularly appeal to?
  • A proposed table of contents
  • Estimated word count and image count (under 100k words, with under 100 images, is preferable)
  • Estimated date of completion
  • A sample section or chapter (500-2,000 words)
  • A brief CV (no more than five pages) for each of the authors

Coding for Humanists books are written in a relatively informal style, minimizing jargon, and providing thorough, accessible explanations for it when required. For an example, see this section from Drupal for Humanists.

Editors are happy to answer questions from potential authors; feel free to contact us via the email above, or via the contact form.